Manig Monday with Swordfish007

Manig Monday with Swordfish007

More value than ever at CoinPoker!

Introducing Manig Monday! Over 20 new tournaments where we are giving away ₮1500+ in tournament tickets. We're using Manig Loeser's winnings from the swordfish007 Challenge to give back to the community!

Up to 15 players will win a ticket per event, equal to the buy-in, based on the final position. So you can win a cash prize and a ticket.

Buy-ins range from ₮5-₮100. Tournaments run every 30 minutes from 15:00 GMT!

All you have to do is play! Alongside our generous GTDs and Monthly Tournament Leaderboard, our tournaments have never had more value.

Play and win today; you can use your ticket in any event matching the ticket value. Why not try our CP-Bounty Thursdays or Sunday Specials?

Check the tournament's tab for Manig Monday events to find the full schedule. Ticket giveaway information can be found in the lobby.

  1. This promotion will run on a weekly basis.
  2. Players can win a maximum of one ticket per event.
  3. Tickets are awarded based on the final tournament rankings.
  4. Tickets will be credited within 24 hours. Players can find these in their tickets section.
  5. Tournament tickets will last for 30 days.
  6. Weekly giveaway in tickets is a minimum of ₮1500.
  7. Subject to change, current giveaways are:

    Buy-In     #PlacesPaid            Prize(s)              

    ₮5                   15                         ₮5 tickets

    ₮10                  5                          ₮10 tickets

    ₮20                  4                         ₮20 tickets

    ₮30                  3                         ₮30 tickets

    ₮50                  3                         ₮50 tickets

    ₮100                1                         ₮100 ticket

  8. It is entirely at CoinPoker's discretion to eliminate any player from the promotion in cases of identified or suspected game or promotion abuse.
  9. CoinPoker reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time at its sole discretion, including cancellation, modification or suspending the operation of the Promotion if CoinPoker believes that the Promotion is not capable of being conducted as specified.
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