More than ₮35,000 in bounties a year on poker legend Tony G!

More than ₮35,000 in bounties a year on poker legend Tony G!

What is better than playing poker with everyone’s favorite poker player? How about busting him out of a tournament and winning an incredible reward.

Whoever eliminates ‘TonyG-Bounty’ out of the Sunday Special wins a CSOP Main Event seat (₮500 value) and an entry to the following week’s Sunday Special (₮200 value). Tony G will play every Sunday Special tournament with a ₮200 buy-in.

If you see ‘TonyG-Bounty’ in any other cash tournament, you should hope to join his table and bust him! Eliminate ‘TonyG-Bounty’ from any other tournament, and win two MTT tickets for the same value as the ‘bust-out’ tournament. For example, Tony is knocked out of the ₮150 Big Bang, the bounty is 2x₮150 tickets.

The minimum bounty reward is ₮100 in MTT tickets, e.g. if you eliminate ‘TonyG-Bounty’ from a ₮1 MTT you will get ₮100 MTT value.

Better still, if you manage to bust Tony out of the CSOP Main Event you will win ₮1,000 cash!

  • Bounties are only awarded for cash tournaments with 20 or more players;
  • Satellites and freerolls do not count for bounties;
  • A bounty can only be earned if the ‘TonyG-Bounty’ account is allocated a finishing place, if you bust ‘TonyG-Bounty’ and he rebuys this is not considered an elimination, and will not earn a bounty.
  • If multiple players split a pot where ‘TonyG-Bounty’ busts, any player who wins a piece of the highest pot he was involved in will receive a full bounty;
  • Bounties are only eligible for busting ‘TonyG-Bounty’ username;
  • In the rare event Tony G cannot play an event he is scheduled for, a senior staff member will play under the ‘TonyG-Bounty’ username and any bounties will pay out as usual;
  • Bounty tickets will be credited to the winner's account within 24 hours.
  • Winners will be directly registered to the CSOP Main event once the tournament is deployed.
  • Entry is only valid for the specific CSOP tournament and has zero redemption value.
  • If a bounty winner is already registered to the CSOP Main event, this bounty can be exchanged for a ₮500 MTT ticket.
  • The ₮100 bounty reward can be divided into smaller tickets, minimum value ₮5;
  • Tournament entries are valid for 30 days after notification of award;
  • CoinPoker reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time at its sole discretion, including cancellation, modification or suspending the operation of the promotion if CoinPoker believes that the promotion is not capable of being conducted as specified.
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